Heart Space

The clinical requirements determining life or death are the existence of a beating heart and oxygen circulating through our lungs. Here are some of my favorite ways to explore what it could be like to thrive, not just survive.


Join Tanya on Authenticity Matters with host Jen Coyne as they discuss presence and mindfulness.

Stones on Mosaic Bowl


Check out these resources I love sharing with my friends, family and clients alike!. These two books and training grew my world exponentially!

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Meditation Training!
Aloha Friends! Ziva is the only affiliate I partner with. I believe having a meditation practice is an essential component in making life changes and transformations. Meditation is to know thyself, it is a very good place to start.

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Get Meditating!
Have you tried and believe you fail at meditation? Do you think you can’t do it or do it wrong?
Think again…