Are You Thriving?

The clinical requirements determining life or death are the existence of a beating heart and oxygen circulating through our lungs.

How do you want to experience your life? Do you want to be clinically alive or do you want to be THRIVING?

I believe connection is the key to a whole-hearted, thriving existence. It's a basic need next to the air we breathe and the beating of our hearts. 

Our need to connect is so important we often compromise the true essence of who we are and how we allow ourselves to be seen by others. We do this to fit in, to stay connected. However, in doing so, many of us lose our true selves and then we fail to thrive. 

My passion and purpose as a coach is to guide you on the journey of reawakening, reviving, and evolving you!


The foundation of every relationship you have with family & friends, career, food, health, money, sex, environment, creativity and your higher self is created from your internal relationship with you. To be fully alive, thriving, and connected with others (even God/Source/Universe), one must make the relationship to self the most important element in your life. Your wants, dreams, and desires matter. When they are fully embraced and expressed, you are a gift to the world.

What people say

“Working with Tanya is like having someone truly and authentically see who I really am. She FEELS beyond the surface of my words as she listens with a deep presence. The loving space provided allows me to step into true vulnerability and reach the core of what might be holding me back. Tanya has the gift of intuition that draws her to ask such thoughtful questions and make reflective observations… ones that invite me to go deeper. She’s really helped me gain more awareness about my motivations and self-imposed limitations. I’m so grateful for her generous spirit.” — J Miller


Do you desire a


fully abundant
and thriving life?

Let's create it together!